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Payment Plan

The 25 Devonshire Place treatment plan

We are delighted to offer the 25 Devonshire Place Treatment Plan, our very own scheme designed to assist you in spreading the costs of important routine treatment.

As a plan member you can spread the cost of private dentistry over 12 months and receive the following benefits:

  Basic Premium
Check ups 1 2
Hygiene per annum 2x30min 2x45min
discount on other treatments 10% 10%
Intraoral radiographs Up to 4 Up to 6
Emergency visits Up to 2 Up to 2
Fluorizations As required As required
Worldwide Accident & Emergency Cover Included Included
  £17.95 p/m £22.95 p/m

The insurance includes cover for Emergency treatment Worldwide and in the UK (40 miles away from home and practice), treatment arising from an Accident.

Why should I join?

  • The more regularly you visit your dentist, the less expensive and invasive treatment is in the long term
  • All of your preventative dental care is included
  • Payment by Direct Debit is convenient and allows you to budget
  • Early identification cation of dental problems prevent pain, discomfort and inconvenience
  • Appointment times to suit you, whenever possible
  • Discount on treatment fees

Joining is easy!

Simply complete an agreement, including a Direct Debit mandate, at the Practice.

A member of staff will be happy to to help you should you have any questions.